Boy do I love to travel.  I love the idea of getting in your car or hopping on an airplane and in a few hours be someplace you have never been before.  Far too much we just get comfortable with our little 20 mile radius.  Well, I recently had the opportunity to hop in the car and travel to someplace I have been wanting to visit for quite a while.

The Lone Star State. The greatest state in the Union. The Republic of Texas.

It has been on my list of places to visit and we had an opportunity to take a road trip to see my Brother and Sister in Law in Waco.  Now, I’ve traveled a fair amount in my life and I can honestly say my favorite place to visit is definitely Waco. Home to Baylor University and Chip and Joanna Gaines.  There is so much character to this quaint little town.  When I say it is a little town, it’s not.  It is actually pretty huge, but still carries the small town charm that you come to expect from rural Texas.

You can see and feel the history on every corner. My husband and I enjoy traveling together, my favorite way to get there is by car. There is something about going on a road trip. Feeling the wind in your hair, being able to forget about all responsibilities and just letting loose! This is also one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my husband after months of the daily grind.

We arrived in at my Brother in law and Sister in laws home in Waco pretty late Saturday night. After driving all day it was just time to sleep and get ready for the days ahead. Sunday Morning came, which coincidentally was the day of the Superbowl, being huge football fans we knew we would spend that night watching the game.  By the third quarter it was pretty much over and we decided to get exploring.

Torchy’s Tacos

Starting our day out around lunch time my brother in law said that he had the perfect place for us to eat. Now I’m a picky eater so trying new places terrifies me! He suggested a little taco shop called Torchy’s. It should have immediately hit me when you pull in and the sign says “Torchy’s Damn Good Tacos.” For me to sit here and tell you that it was just good would be a lie! I dream of that place! They have such a fun upbeat atmosphere with all kinds of different combinations plus they have their own craft sodas and let me tell you the craft root beer was delicious!

There is no better taco joint than Torchy's

There is no better taco joint than Torchy’s


Hey Sugar!

After our incredible lunch, my sister in law mentioned this cute candy shop. We pull up and it is a thing of beauty.

It is in this old building surrounded by buildings that you just knew were so full of history. We walked in and it was like stepping back in time. Such an old time soda shop kind of feel and I instantly just felt so at home in a town that I have had no connection with. We walked in to bins of candy and bottled soda that ranged in flavors such as bacon and pickle to cotton candy, ranch and banana. Not exactly appetizing but still fun for a good laugh! They also had an ice cream stand with tons of unique flavors. One of them being Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky flavor. My husband who doesn’t drink at all and me who drinks very little decided to give it a try! He wasn’t a fan, I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t something I was going to order in a waffle cone.

Bailey's Irish Cream Truffle

Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffle

They also had a counter of gourmet treats. I ended up getting a Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffle. it is as beautiful as it was delicious.

Next time you visit Waco make sure to stop by Hey Sugar! You won’t regret it!





Magnolia Market at the Silos

Now…Lets get to the biggest reason I went to Waco besides seeing my husbands family. Magnolia! I have followed Chip and Joanna Gaines for years. When I got the chance to visit I couldn’t pass it up.

When you arrive you see the beautiful silos and bakery. Everything about this place is magical. The shopping and beautiful home decor is a dream. It is so hard to walk out and not buy everything you see.  They have shirts, decor, pillows, everything you could ever think of to decorate your home in the classic Texas modern farm feel.In the front of the silos they have their own bakery which serves the most amazing baked goods, cookies, cupcakes, and a whole lot more. Once you get through the shopping and out into the yard you see games, benches, and plenty of food trucks to choose from.

The overall experience of Magnolia Silos was incredible! Relaxing and fun way to spend the day with family. It is kid friendly as well so don’t be afraid to bring the entire family.

Beautiful Rustic Silos highlight the experience at Magnolia Market.

Beautiful Rustic Silos highlight the experience at Magnolia Market.

Overall my experience in Waco was incredible. The people are the friendliest in the world! Everywhere you go you just feel like you are at home. I highly recommend visiting Waco and taking in everything this magical place has to offer.  You will not be disappointed.