It is that time of year again! Hot weather, BBQ’s, swimsuits and family vacations. School is out and parents wonder how in the world they are going to entertain them all summer long. There is absolutely nothing worse than having bored kids hanging around home not enjoying their free time.  Let me give you some ideas to keep those kiddos occupied and have quality family time.

Go visit a local aquarium or zoo

71% of our beautiful earth is covered in water.  Go explore the wonder that is our ocean life.  If you don’t have an aquarium nearby, go find a zoo.  Even if you life in the desert, big metro areas normally have an awesome aquarium or zoo.  I know in Salt Lake City we have an AWESOME aquarium called The Living Planet Aquarium and the Hogle Zoo.  Kids love it, and it will give you at least one full day of a wonderful summer experience.

Go Camping

Honestly, there is no better reset for your life than to go out and be in nature.

Wherever you live, you are only a few miles away from nature.  If you live in New York or Los Angeles, you are within a couple hours of some of the most beautiful camping spots in the world.

Sitting by a campfire, roasting hot dogs and making S’mores really brings the family together.  Sharing stories without the distractions of cell phones or overbearing bosses is something that your children will cherish as they grow older.  They may not appreciate it now as children, but when they grow older, those will be some of their best memories when they are camping with their children.

In the beginning camping can be an investment, but you can do it on the cheap as well.  You can be all one with nature, build your own shelter, hunt your own food if you want or you can go all out with the fanciest campers and tents.  Most people find a happy medium with a tent, sleeping bag, and a fire pit.  It really is up to you.  Check out my 5 Camping Must Haves for getting started camping.

Go to a swim park

Nothing says summer more than going swimming but not everyone has access to a pool in their backyard.  If you live in an apartment, normally they have community pools.  If you don’t live in an apartment and don’t have a pool at home, go to one of the amazing swim parks in your community!

Swimming is a great way to cool off in those summer months.

Go see a Baseball Game

Major League, Minor League, or even local High School or Little league.  Americas National Pastime is the perfect escape from the every day grind.  Tickets even for Major league games (depending on your local team) are even affordable. Tickets for our Salt Lake Bees are as cheap as $10 per person, making it a cheap family outing.  Most Major and Minor league teams have AMAZING food stalls as well, so you can go get your grub on at the same time.

Visit a National Park

With 60 national parks across the country, there are a lot of opportunities to explore the beauty of our country.  A lot of the times, there are amazing camping spots available for fairly cheap.  Creating these memories with your spouse or children will be some of the highlights of your life.