The best summer snack has to be the s’more.  Nothing beats the melted chocolate, golden marshmallow, and graham cracker outsides.

I mean come on…just look at that.

Can the s’more be improved upon?  What could make it better?  Lets take a look at 5 unique variations on the classic campfire treat.


Nutella S’mores

Did I just blow your mind?  Yes.  I just said it.  Replace the chocolate bar with nutella and WHAM.  Every Nutella fans dream.  Just place a heaping spoonful of the nectar of the gods between your graham cracker and marshmallow and you have an amazing treat that you will crave year round.

S’more Ice Cream Sandwich

This one may be a little more difficult to do while camping because it requires ice cream.  Take your graham crackers and lay them out.  One gets a bar of chocolate and a roasted marshmallow, the other gets a scoop of ice cream. The perfect cool treat at the end of a hot day.

*Tip- It is better to use semi soft ice cream and immediately feast on this treat than use hard ice cream.*

Peanut Butter S’mores

Just like normal s’mores, but better in every way.  Just add a scoop of peanut butter and you are all set!  Super simple change to add a world of flavor.


Cookie S’mores

Sub out your graham crackers for warm delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies or Peanut Butter Cookies (or any cookie you want for that matter!)


Pumpkin Pie S’more

Just add in some pumpkin pie for sore some real fall flavors.  If you are a texture person, maybe add another layer of graham cracker between the mallow and the pie to give it a bit more depth.

*EXTRA* Bacon Weave S’more

The only way to make a s’more better would be to add bacon.  Amirite?  Substitute out the graham cracker for a bacon weave and you are set for a sweet and savory treat that should be eaten sparingly unless you want to send that cholesterol level through the roof.